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So much great stuff going on at Cellar Live these days. Wow!  We have just released ORGANIK VIBE TRIO - Things We Did Last Summer which is an amazing date with some incredibly talented musicians.  It's a fantastic record. Check it out!

In March on the 6th Annual New York With Weeds Tour we recorded two albums due for winter 2016 release.  The first date was with wonderful young pianist Emmet Cohen and his trio featuring the great Jimmy Cobb on drums and guest alto saxophonist Godwin Louis.  Emmet is part of unique crop of very young musicians who are really dedicated to the tradition of this great music, something that so many young musicians forget about.  We did this live at a wonderful space called The DiMenna Center for Classical Music and the music was captured by my good friend Jimmy Katz.


This is going to be part of a series of recordings that Emmet does called The Masters Legacy Series.  The mission is to honor remaining masters of our music and celebrate them not only for what they did 50 or 60 years ago, but for the spirit, humanity, and love they manifest and display currently.

The second project was a recording that I did with a dear friend of mine, pianist David Hazeltine.  Joining us on the recording were more friends!  Joe Magnarelli on trumpet, Paul Gill on bass and Jason Tiemann on drums.  Again, Jimmy Katz was in charge of capturing the sounds and thanks to my good friend Spike Wilner for allowing us to use Smalls Jazz Club on West 10th Street.  We did 3 hours of recording with no audience and then did 3 more hours with the 35 New York With Weeds guests.  It turned out really well!


Then of course we have the great reunion of METALWOOD slated for September release along with ANTONIO CIACCA's quintet VOLARE, THE ITALIAN AMERICAN SONGBOOK.  There is no shortage of music being released, that's for sure!




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