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I'm really excited to finally have back in my hands.  For the last 7 years or so we were using a U.S.-based company to handle all of our order taking, shipping etc.  It meant we had to charge in U.S. dollars and with the dollar being relatively similar it was never an issue. With the recent decline of the CAD dollar and the significant increases in shipping fees at USPS I decided it was time to bring the administration of the website back to Canada. We are a Canadian record company after all.  So here we are with brand a brand new website thanks to my good friend Luis Giraldo. We're selling hi-resolution files via download and we're selling in our home currency of CAD dollars!  This is a great thing all around!

I write this from the control room at Number 9 Audio Group in Toronto, Ontario while Metalwood (Chris Tarry - bass, Brad Turner - keys/trumpet, Ian Froman - drums, Mike Murley - saxes) reunite to make their first record in 13 years!  It's been a blast so far and the record is going to be fantastic!

Stay tuned here for updates on future recording projects etc.  There are a lot of exciting things coming up at Cellar Live.

Cory Weeds


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