September 30, 2018

Cellar Live is really excited to roll out our new look. We're now operating under the umbrella of Cellar Music. Under that umbrella will be Cellar Live, enabling jazz fans to hear exciting live recordings, Cellar Music which will be dedicated to dynamic studio recordings, and historically important, never-before-released archival recordings will be released on our new label Reel to Real Recordings.
Daryl Jahnke at 2 Hats Creative is responsible for the new website and logos have been done by Perry Chua. It's been a huge pleasure working with these gentlemen to roll out this new look.

There will be more changes coming as well including The Cellar Sound, a weekly newsletter that will g outline all of the label's activities as well as all kinds of other jazz-related information.

Cellar Live is looking to engage more with its audience and we have the help of the fantastic team of Scott Morin and Angela Wrigley who have been working hard on all of our social media channels and streamlining the label's look and message out in the world.

There are very exciting times for the label and we want to thank all of our supporters for allowing us to continue to make great recordings and speaking of great recordings, we have a bunch of great ones coming out in the coming months including a swinging session led by trumpeter Joe Magnarelli playing the music of Tadd Dameron and a wonderful disc by Chicago singer Alyssa Allgood called Exactly Like You. You'll be seeing these appear on the site in the coming weeks!

We'll also be embarking on some very exciting recordings using the funds from our Patreon campaign including a recording with Vancouver tenor saxophonist Mike Allen with Peter Washington on bass and Lewis Nash on drums. This will be recorded at Rudy Van Gelder's studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. We'll also be heading into the studio with saxophonist Stephen Riley.

There is much more news to come but this gives you a little taste of what we're up to!

Cory Weeds & The Cellar Live Team