March 03, 2018

Hi everyone, this is Cory Weeds, owner of Cellar Live. I'm excited to unveil “Jazz Scene”, a new way for fans to get behind the record label, and also receive dozens of creative perks and privileges. Every record label is looking for a way to provide listeners great music, and to help musicians share that music with the world. Even though it's gotten harder and harder to release records, we try to keep up with industry trends, and even create a few of our own!

2018 is a big year for us, as we work on a series of four special projects from cities around North America. Alyssa Allgood (Chicago) Larry McKenna & Bootsie Barnes (Philadelphia) Stephen Riley & Ernest Turner (North Carolina) Artist: TBA (New York City). These four records feature musicians who have made or are making significant impacts on their respective jazz scene whether up and coming artists such as Alyssa Allgood in Chicago or legendary figures such as Bootsie Barnes and Larry McKenna in Philadelphia.

We would like to invite you, our enthusiastic listeners and fans, to be part of the season. This is similar to a crowd-sourced fundraiser, except that I want to forge long-term relationships with our valued partners in Jazz. To entice you, we have some really exclusive rewards and perks for our Jazz Scene patrons. Come on board for an entire season! In the spirit of inclusiveness and community, we've put together a bunch of great rewards that I think our regular patrons will enjoy. Have a look on the right, and step up to join us. We’ve been so fortunate to have enthusiastic people behind us. Please keep in mind that that what every level you contribute at, it gets charged four times (once for each project) so if you would like to for example contribute a total of $1000, you'd pledge the $250 level,not the $1000 level. If you're not in a position to contribute financially you can still help us out by telling you friends about it, sharing this page and drumming up some support for us! Thanks for your time and for your support!