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In September of 2007 Spike Wilner made the commitment to document every show at Smalls so as to preserve what he felt was work of historic consequence.  Smalls Jazz Club was one of the very first clubs to stream shows live from their website.  Smalls has developed a true international following thanks to the transmission of the shows nightly at no cost.  In 2011 Wilner began archiving video as well as audio.  The SmallsLIVE Audio/Video Archive is the collection of all the work done at Smalls and involves more than 9000 recordings and more than 900 artists.  The SmallsLIVE revenue share project seeks to be the most-fair revenue sharing model available by making the artist a 50/50 partner.  SmallsLIVE also has a conventional record catalog of HD recordings, mixed and master and with beautiful art.