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featuring Scott Hamilton - tenor sax, Rossano Sportello - piano, J.J. Shakur - bass

Released November, 2017


Recorded at Live @ Pyatt Hall in Vancouver, BC, Canada on July 2, 2017


COMPLETE SHOW HI RES AUDIO DOWNLOAD (expected delivery, November 1)

*there are two shows and the final CD will be a combination of the best material from both shows.  If you choose this option you will receive both shows in their entirety, mixed and mastered for your listening pleasure. Please note that they will be available in downloadable high resolution audio format. This will be limited to 200 downloads.

SIGNED CD (expected delivery, November 1)

*there will be a limited number (25) of signed CDS available for purchase  that customers will receive 8 weeks before the release of the album to the public.

CD and DOWNLOAD PRE-ORDER (expected delivery, November 1)

*if you pre-order the CD and / or HI RES Download, you'll receive the material 8 weeks in advance of the release date.

*for CANADIAN CUSTOMERS shipping is included in the prices, for WORLDWIDE customers shipping is added